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In the state of Washington, the legal system and jail/prison system work very much like other states. County and city jails are used to hold offenders who are awaiting trial or who have been sentenced to less than 365 days of incarceration. Inmates serving more than one year are held in state prison facilities. Each facility has rules about visitation, inmate mail, and phone calls. If you know the facility where the inmate is held, it is easy to find information about the jail or prison regulations online. If you are not sure where the inmate is, a good place to start your search is through VINElink, which has a statewide inmate locator. Please note that King County Jail is not included in the statewide search; however, there is a link to an inmate lookup specifically for that facility. You may search by first and last name or the offender’s ID number.

Of the 39 counties in the state, 28 operate their own jails. Most of the jails are under the supervision of the county sheriff’s office. The remaining counties use the facility in a neighboring county; for example, Stevens County uses Ferry County Jail. The jail in Clallam County is operated by the city of Forks. King County has three jail facilities; in addition to a county jail, there is the Kent City Jail and SCORE Jail (South Correctional Entity Regional Jail) in Des Moines. In Olympia, there are two jails: the Thurston County Jail and the Nisqually Tribal Jail, which serves the Nisqually Reservation. To find information on a county or city jail, go to the page for that county on this website. There you will find a link, directing you to a site with more information about the regulations for the specific facility.

The Washington State Department of Corrections operates eight major prisons and four minimum security prisons within the state. On the website, you may search for an inmate, or click the link to the specific facility in which they are housed. Each facility has different regulations regarding visitation. Most allow both video (onsite and remote) and contact visitation. Be sure to review all of the rules before scheduling a visit, so you are prepared and are allowed to keep your appointment. For example, you must bring a valid photo ID along, refrain from wearing revealing or suggestive clothing, and be willing to submit to a search before entering the visitation facilities. On the website, you can find links to online and printable visitation application forms.

One unique type of visitation offered to eligible inmates in Washington’s state facilities is an Extended Family Visit. This is offered in very few other states. The application process takes extra time and requires more documentation, but if this type of visit is approved, the inmate and his or her immediate family member(s) will be allowed to spend time in a private housing unit. The visit may last up to 48 hours.

The Department of Corrections offers numerous Family Support Programs to assist and encourage the families of inmates. These include a Family Council at each facility as well as statewide, support groups, a Family Help Line, and mentoring programs for children of inmates. More details about these programs are available on the Department’s website.


Q: Can I discover arrest records of those on a jail roster?
A: Yes. Each offender search includes a record of arrest history and details. These records of arrests are taken and recorded daily from sheriff and police resources in your local county.

Q. How quickly can I view the reports?
A: Reports are generated immediately and available for view on your computer. There is no waiting period of documents sent through the mail. You will have the option to download and print any online reports.

Q: How can I remove offense on my record?
A: You will want to inquire with your local sheriff’s department or court house. Lawyers and Parole Officers may also be able to help you.

Q: What resources are available to look up active warrants?
A: To look up active warrants you don’t want to use the jail roster search. A local county run website could have this information but instead you should call you local sheriff’s office or visit to ask if you have an active warrant. There are many kinds of warrants. Active, outstanding, misdemeanor, and felony. You should find which warrant you have our for your arrest.

Q: How do I beat speeding tickets?
A: You need to determine your speed and thoroughly review the citation before putting together your defense strategy. On the citation the officer will indicate if your speed was documented with a radar gun or estimate. Naturally when its an estimation you can fight the ticket more easily. If not you need to go back to the scene and look for speed limit signs. If you can make the case there were no signs in the area you should select appeal when sending back the citation and show up at the courthouse with your documents.

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